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Our mission is to create confidence in the public and business to go about their daily lives safe in the knowledge that the environment around them is protecting and preventing virus transmission.


To do this we bring together the latest mix of technologies and blend them for each specific environment.


We are agnostic of solution and are continually researching the latest technologies.  Our objective in doing this is to make a meaningful difference to the confidence and cost of adapting to Covid.


When designing the adaptation to Covid we build confidence by making the protocols as simple and unobtrusive for the public and as simple as possible for those implementing them.

Screening out infection from the environment.  

We have a range of Covid testing technologies.  We also have a range of temperature checks from simple temperature devices, to artificial intelligence linked to temperature checking cameras or body worn sensors.

Human to human transmission.  

We have a worldwide supply chain of PPE and are one of the largest suppliers in the world having delivered at a national level where countries are facing supply challenges.  We also source clothing and PPE that not only prevents transmission it actively kills Covid.

Human to surface to human transmission.  

Our nanotechnology cleaning solutions are delivered in a range of methods from hand wipes to nebulisers that deep clean a room in minutes. Traditional cleaning solutions create a sterile environment but can be reinfected within minutes.  Our approach actively kills Covid for up to 10 days after application.

Transport to and from the safe environment.  

Ultimately we believe every aspect of our daily lives will be adapted to Covid.  However, at the moment this isn’t the case and so transport to and from  venues and overnight accommodation need to be considered.  Not only to ensure we deliver confidence but to reduce the effort at the point of entry to venues.

Monitoring, tracking and tracing.  

Our cloud based solution monitors the health of tens of thousands of people using a range of sensors.  Artificial intelligence not only monitors this it identifies new symptoms that are indicators of illness.  


The solutions can be used to monitor a safe bubble.  We are in discussion with Apple and Google about connecting their track and trace technology, not only at a macro scale but also within buildings.  In line with our mission this will be based upon systems where the public own and control their own data and that information when shared is anonymised.  To build upon this we are also testing ’token’ technology that would allow tested and cleared individuals to enter multiple venues without retesting.

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