Dr Tim Drye, Statistical Modeling and AI

Epidemiologists are essential to model the effect of lockdowns and social
distancing measures on flattening the curve of the virus. Also, as a crude metric which has become important to the public (because of its use politically in measuring “success”) the R value is now burnt into our consciousness.

Unfortunately, the important word is crude. Crude statistics, produces crude information and crude interventions, which result in confusion and “U” turns as a lack of sophisticated statistical analysis leads to insecurity rather than confidence.

Enter Tim. As Chair and Lead Analyst of the Data Analyst User Group Tim brought together a collection of commercial analytics teams  within the UK, to liaise with government and academia, to develop geodemographic and analytical data, methods and skills. This is an exemplar of the broader skill spectrum that is required to resolve the often conflicting social, economic, cultural and medical factors which will result in decisions that will produce utilitarian outcomes.

Tim’s PhD in Theoretical Statistical Physics and subsequent 6 years tenure in the Department of Pure Mathematics and Theoretical Statistics at Cambridge University, coupled with his extensive commercial experience, enables him to develop pragmatic and realistic insights.

Tim’s passion for solving society’s big problems with numbers had a brief sabbatical when his concern for people briefly diverted him to the role of Mayor in his local community between 2018-2019, when Covid called him back to his square roots.  He is now working on various projects which will positively impact the global economy, and additionally gives his valuable time to Larner associates to help us develop accurate and effective protocols.

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