Professor Tara Moore, Medicine


Tara Moore is a Professor of Personalised Medicine and holds a chair at Ulster University in Northern Ireland and is Chief of Research and Innovation in Avellino USA.

Tara has undertaken research fellowships and sabbaticals worldwide including Harvard Medical School Boston. As a result of intensive training to obtain skills and expertise Tara has a wealth of experience of working in Universities and industrial laboratories focusing on development of partner diagnostics and therapeutics.

The culmination of Tara’s contribution to health, well-being and safety and improving people’s lives whilst inspiring others to make a difference through science has been recognised with prestigious awards including WISE award presented by HRH Princess Anne, winner of University excellence awards and most recently a Catalyst Innovator Award to honour and recognise her  leadership and innovation during the past 6 months in response to the pandemic.

Avellino USA in an agile response to the pandemic rapidly obtained FDA EUA for COVID-19 PCR testing with over1,000,000 tests conducted to date. Tara also undertook assessment and validation of the UK RTC AbC-19 neutralising antibody point of care test to gain CE mark for professional use alongside conducting a large scale usability study for personal OTC use.
She has a wide knowledge of current testing efficacy across the spectrum of available antigen and antibody tests and can help design the appropriate testing protocols for its unique environment. Tara’s expertise is coupled with pragmatism, which equates in Covid terms, to helping make the big decisions with the best utilitarian social impact.