Our Methodology

Each type of environment has a unique mixture of elements.  Addressing these elements leads to the desired mix of technologies and methods of application.  It is not one size fits all.  For example, the rate at which people flow into an area shapes the type of testing technology or if very high might dictate a temperature triage with testing back up and PPE combination.  Similarly traffic levels within an area and normal cleaning protocols and environmental factors such as height of room will dictate the method of application of surface protection.


That said we are trying to standardise the design such that we have models for: safe at school; safe at the office; safe in the shop, and; safe at the event.  On a larger scale we are addressing islands of Covid safety from the Isle of Man, Hawaii and New Zealand to our Overseas Territories in the Caribbean.  Whilst for larger events and spaces there will always be an element of design, we aim to simplify this so that operational managers can, if they choose, undertake the design for themselves.


Accurate and informed communication between organisations and the public is essential in the battle to combat Covid, and we are committed to ongoing research to contribute to knowledge building and best practise. This will maintain confidence in the public that they will be protected in the future.


At this stage this it may sound complex but addressing the complexity leads to simplicity and to the public and business feeling in control and from this we generate the confidence to adapt to Covid.

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