Offshore Territories

In 2020 the Hurricane season has got off to a slow start due to the paradoxically welcome arrival of the sandstorm suppressant impact from the Sahara.

However, the toxic elements of the Hurricane season, Covid 19 and food insecurity could cause a humanitarian crisis in the Caribbean when the storms arrive in full force.

The region is brutally aware of the devastation that can be inflicted at this time of year and is better prepared than in the past. But, gathering local populations into close proximity to shelter will spread Covid 19 faster. Damaged electricity and water infrastructure may hamper medical treatment.  Already stretched medical resources may be overwhelmed.

Front line medical workers are at risk – they need protecting and need outside help as well.

The attention of the world is in their own back yards and response to emergency relief is limited.

We can help, but we need to plan and act now – delay may be disastrous.

Recognizing the unprecedented nature of this pandemic we have brought together a unique mix of capabilities under the Larner Associates umbrella to design solutions and implement them swiftly to decrease risk and save lives. Our team are world class experts in:

  • Fast Track Planning

  • Crisis Planning

  • Military Logistics

  • Medical Expertise

On the ground we can help with:

  • Practical help to keep key front line Covid workers stay with the patients

  • PPE Provision Micro Hospitals and Micro Intensive Care Units

  • Complete temporary hospitals

  • Fully self-contained infrastructure for Key workers – Shelter; back-up power, water, and communications

  • Remote medical advisors. They are: Virologists, Immunologists, Geneticists, Pathologist/Respiratory Physicians and Epidemiologists.

If you have emergency funding from the World Bank, we can leverage spend on PPE and Equipment by aggregating purchasing across the Caribbean and incorporating those with orders for the UK – achieving better prices and greater volumes.

This funding will also pay for groundbreaking nano technology sanitization liquids to help contain and kill the virus.