Long Lasting Hand Sanitizers - Mediseptic A50

Ready-to-use, alcohol-free disinfection for hands with skin-friendly ingredients.

One application instead of endless applications.Most sanitisers have zero efficacy after 60 seconds. If your hands are  wiped with Mediseptic you and your family are protected for 2 hours .


  • 120 min long-term effect

  • Virucidal, also against the Corona virus

  • Alcohol-free

  • Protects against viruses and bacteria for 2 hours and 99.999% (Log3)

  • DIN EN 1500 certified

  • Skin-friendly

  • No hazardous substance in the sense of the CLP VO

  • Non-flammable

  • Non-toxid

  • Without surfactants and aldehydes



  • Apply approx. 3-5ml of undiluted product into hollow hands and rub in. In particular take into account thumbs and fingertips, as they have most frequent contact with contaminated surfaces and objects

  • Frequency: Repeat as needed, to renew two hour long-term protection

  • Application time: 1 minute


Benzalkonium chloride 0,1% Other ingredients: Water, Organic acids, Organic salts, Essential oils, Cationic polymers

Container Sizes

  • 50 ml pump spray

  • 100 ml pump spray

  • 250 ml pump spray, "FlipFlop" or „PushPull“ lid

  • 500 ml pump spray, "FlipFlop" or „PushPull“ lid

  • 1 000 ml pump spray

  • 5 + 10 liter canister

  • IBC Container

Tests and Certifications

Approved and controlled by official experts
  • German biocide registration no („BAuA“): N-88733 PZN 16678313

  • Swiss registration no: CHZN6055

  • US FDA Approval: MediSeptic Antiinfectant, NDC Product Code: 71315-800, date of registration: 01.05.2020

  • The following tests were carried out with the active ingredient "Polymer1", which is used in Anti-Infection A50, in addition to the safety data sheet:

  • EN 1500 Standard hygienic hand disinfection, rub-in method

  • EN 12054 Quantitative suspension test for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection

  • EN 12791 Modified test procedure for surgical hand disinfection

  • EN 1276/EN1650 Quantitative suspension test for bactericidal, fungicidal & yeasticidal effectiveness, for anti-infectious disinfectants)

  • EN 1276 Quantitative suspension test for bactericidal effectiveness, for chemical disinfectants

  • EN 1650 Quantitative suspension test for fungicidal & yeasticidal effectiveness, for chemical disinfectants

  • EN 13697 Surface test, in food, industry, household, por.se surfaces, without mechan. Machining

  • EN 13704 Surface test, in food, industry, household, without mechan. use

  • EN 13713 Bactericidal activity

  • EN 14476 Viral activity

  • EN 13624 Fungicidal activity

  • EN 13727 Bactericidal activity

  • EN 14562/EN 14561 Fungicidal / bactericidal activity

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the  hand sanitation liquid  certified. 

A. The liquid is of course certified for use as a hand sanitiser.  The EN 1500 protocol  is just one test which confirms  its suitability as a hand sanitiser.

Q. Is the hand  sanitiser very effective? 

A. It functions at between Log 5 and Log 8.  This is above the base line   standard required for most healthcare   environments .

Q. Is there any prolonged efficacy? 

A. Our sanitation technologies always offer  residual performance.  A50 is proven to be effective  for at least 2 hours after application at approximately log3. 

Q. Is Mediseptic   effective against the Corona Virus/ Covid 

A. The liquid is effective against a wide range of Bacteria, Fungi and Viruses including  Corona Virus. Testing confirms that   corona virus is inactivated within
2 minutes. 


Q. Is the EN 1500 the only test? 

A. Sanitisers have to pass rigorous testing. Some of the testing is  EN 1500, EN 12054, EN 12791, EN 1276./ EN 1650/ For antiseptic disinfectants. EN 1276/EN 1650 for Chemical Disinfectants, EN 13697, EN 13704,EN 13713, EN 14476, EN 13727, EN 14562/14561 

Q. Is the  A50 Toxic. 

A. The liquid is a unique blend of  plant extracts and agents often used within  oral hygiene products and so it is certainly non toxic.