Julian Roberts, Communications


People are scared of Covid 19, frightened.

On a large scale, fear can influence groups, communities, countries, even the world. It can consume us, depress us, lead to poor decision-making, and make us prone to knee-jerk reactions. In its worst form, fear can incite hatred,
violence, and create massive problems in society.

FDR famously said, “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” His wife said : “Do one thing every day that scares you.” Eleanor didn’t argue that we should avoid or try to beat fear but recognize it and move forward anyway.

And this where Julian comes in, arguably the most important member of the team. Julian communicates the problems that we face with adapting to pandemics and articulates  the solutions with absolute clarity. He draws simplicity from complexity. We all know that if you can begin to eat the elephant one bite at a time, the task becomes achievable.

His clarity of thought and technical understanding of technology architectures enables him to fuse disparate propositions into a consolidated world view.  When you understand clearly, you can articulate with clarity using every part of the marketing mix. This is the essence of good communication. Julian can help our clients craft the important messages – protective measures  to slow the spread of the virus, and what behaviors must be changed – and add huge value to awareness and
communications programmes.

He  is an expert at designing data driven marketing programs across both the B2B and Consumer segments, experience refined and delivered for two of the largest and most successful Cybersecurity vendors in the world in the last decade, and also working with some of the worlds most recognisable brands.