At Primary and Secondary Schools Head Teachers, Governors and Staff face unprecedented challenges in adapting to Covid 19.

Once the “big questions” as to when and how children and students can return to the classroom have been answered, so that all stakeholders feel confidant that everything that can be done has been done to keep everyone safe, the questions turn to the new challenges:

  • Do we need to deliver the Curriculum in a new model of “at school and at home” education?

  • If that is so, how do we ensure that entry to the school is managed safely, and that the school environment is as hygienic as it can be to give parents and all stakeholders peace of mind?

  • Do we have a role and responsibility to encourage parents to be as careful at home as though they are an extension of the school?

  • How do we monitor the health of the entire school community?

  • How do we react, and do we have an adequate and nimble risk and mitigation plan in place if we identify an individual case of infection, or a micro outbreak?

  • How do we plan to get back to the playing field and inter school competition?

  • How do we share the music, art and scientific resources in a safe way?

In Tertiary Education many of the questions are the same, but with the complexities of shared accommodation and a much wider geographical catchment of students.

We can help answer many of these questions with you, and at the same time your involvement with us will help build a better knowledge base and enable us all to develop best practice for the Education sector. General guidelines from central Government are very helpful, but the sector needs to take ultimate responsibility for its own health.

We also have very practical technologies that will enable you to deploy the highest standards of sanitation and protection. These include solutions from Germany, Sweden and China that are generally unknown in the UK today and will facilitate the move from lockdown to loosen up.