Dr Andrew Larner, CEO, Services


Andrew is an acclaimed transformation expert not just in the UK but internationally,  who  has worked with local authority models and digital technology around the world to connect councils and deliver joined up services – from China, to Hungary to India and South Africa to name but a few.

At the heart of Andrew’s approach to innovation everything is designed to have a meaningful impact for residents and local business. Very often this has involved improving services and saving money – the early morning prayer at every Council meeting over the last decade.

Andrew has successfully designed and delivered some of the most complex Public Sector solutions at times of crisis and societal change which have had to bridge acute political and cultural divides to achieve success. His
fingerprints can be found creating modern land ownership legal frameworks at the fall of the wall; amalgamating Councils in Northern Ireland; and preventing Public Sector property value in the UK falling into the abyss during the last financial crisis.

His deep understanding of using complex data to create simple, elegant and valuable services has been a key driver in shaping the Company’s unique value proposition.