Brad Collier, Solutions

Brad Collier 2.jpg

Brad has spent 35 years identifying and creating  novel solutions working with world
class teams.

This life path was triggered by resettling Vietnamese Boat People in the UK, where he established support groups from local communities who were strange bedfellows at that time, but whose common experience with dislocation and crisis fostered empathy and a willingness to help.

Subsequently, he has successfully developed commercial partnerships which have delivered synergistic brand value as well as exceptional revenues.

At infoDev, a division of the World Bank, he focused on research in infrastructure technologies  - broadband over power lines for distance education and telemedicine; green energy and clean water solutions.

He opened the Washington DC office for an organization who provide practical and actionable  intelligence for American companies who wish to do business in Europe, enabling them to navigate the regulatory and legal quagmires, and have the confidence to invest.

Most recently, Brad has been helping Local Authorities protect services against the threat of Cyber attacks by implementing technologies derived from the CIA.

He has a  restless desire to look for new emerging solutions to adapt to Covid 19 from around the world to create the best possible offer to our clients. This is achieved through an exceptional international network of trusted colleagues in science, engineering and business.