Bill Majcher, Risk and Global Supply Chain


Bill joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, where he embarked on afulfilling two-decade long career as a covert operative. He successfully operated against a Columbian drug cartel, and also exposed Banks owned by the Russian mafia.

Bill’s lengthy law enforcement career included extensive undercover work across a broad spectrum of the capital markets, including several years as a commodity futures and options trader and broker.  He continues to provide guidance and insight to select clientele on financial crime , sanctions and money laundering.

When the intense competition for PPE supply from China became a commercial, diplomatic and humanitarian tug of war, Bill’s status as a trusted broker and global citizen positioned him at the center of the supply chain.

He brings a totally unique view of risk, and has relationships which can ease supply and demand tensions (including potential vaccines) in todays confusing and rapidly changing international order.

Through Bill’s close relationship with national Governments, we have access to unique products in the adaptation of life to Covid 19.