Coastal and Tourist towns that rely so very heavily on service industries for their economic welfare have had a particularly painful encounter with Covid 19.

Many seaside communities have wrestled with the disadvantages of a 180 degree economy for years, but this is also a key part of their attractiveness too. The response has often been to coalesce investment around the Theatre, Conference Centers, Hotel developments and the Pier. As lockdown has eased many short-term economic anxieties have been replaced by the question that is common across the country – after Summer how do we adapt when the inevitable attraction to less crowded rural areas steals sea loving tourists?

The obvious and logical response is to ensure that your venues, and your hotel stock, can claim to be, and prove themselves to be prepared and protected against the virus to prevent further outbreaks.

We can help.

We have strategies that will help open venues to larger numbers of people in higher numbers. This is underpinned by simple, elegant, and effective technologies from around the world that are not generally known in the UK.