Air Purification Systems

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PlasmaGuard Kills 99.994% of airborne Pathogens, Bacteria and Viruses including Covid-19

•    It destroys the most dangerous and harmful pathogens and   

     viruses in the atmosphere, including COVID 19.
•    It is the ultimate solution to purify the air within your
     occupied environment.
•    PlasmaGuard
works as well in your home as it does in a
     50 story
building or a sports arena.
•    The technology provides protection against airborne and surface

      transmission of the virus.
•    It will give you the confidence to open your environment knowing

     that the best solution to protect people has been deployed.
•    PlasmaGuard
is an incredibly cost effective solution,   

     deliberately priced to be available to all so that all segments of the

     economy can re-open.

How it works

There are many air disinfection methods currently available, but they have severe limitations. Some highly  contagious airborne pathogens are so small, they would directly pass through air filters and couldn’t be removed until now. Our proven method, shows that Non-Thermal Plasma can destroy 99.9% of airborne viruses through  releasing energetic, charged fragments of air molecules that can destroy viruses in less than a second

•    Produced in a Non-Thermal Plasma reactor, when pathogens in the air pass through it, they react with its unstable atoms

     called radicals (such as ozone). These alter the lipids, proteins and nucleic acids of the microorganisms they encounter killing

     the pathogens or rendering them harmless. This is PlasmaGuard™ technology filtering and destroying pathogens directly from

     the air stream and on surfaces.
•    All PlasmaGuard’s™ technologies use cold plasma. Cold plasma is a partially ionised gas comprising ions, electrons,

     ultraviolet photons and reactive neutrals such as radicals, and ground state molecules. PlasmaGuard™ produces an

     electrostatic charge in the atmosphere (using very high voltage), an agglomeration (where harmful particulates cling together

     and then drop to the floor), and a nonthermal flame less plasma. This results in the independently proven destruction of

     viruses, bacteria and pathogens.
•    PlasmaGuard Pro™ is a device which can be easily installed to integrate with your HVAC system, and after priming the room

     will then continuously protect the atmosphere and surfaces against the virus.
•    If you don’t have air conditioning PlasmaGuard™ will still work by simply using a fan system. If the air is not stagnant you will
     be protected.
•    This is the safest and best air purification method available for use throughout all industries in any building.

Safe and Effective

The PlasmaGuard™ purification system uses sensors that monitor and track indoor air quality, then bombards the air with millions of air cleaning oxygen ions, removing  particles, eliminating germs, and breaking down  hazardous VOC’s.

The PlasmaGuard™unit removes unwanted ozone to a  completely safe level by means of a proprietary catalyst. The catalyst captures ozone molecules while allowing the super  oxide ions to pass through. This provides the powerful effect of air purification without the negative side effect of ozone.

The patented ozone remediation technology ensures the safe delivery of clean purified air, and the reduction of any outside source of ozone.

This Non-Thermal Cold Plasma technology not only ensures rapid pathogen and contaminant reduction, but also ensures that excess reactive ion species are always available in the air to rapidly respond to any air quality threat.

Why is PlasmaGuard superior to other solutions

PlasmaGuard™ works significantly better than HEPA  filters, UV lighting, Ionizers and other methods currently being used today.

The PlasmaGuard™ team is working with several government  regulatory departments in the USA for future changes regarding destruction/removal of sub micron harmful particulate and pathogens.

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Case Studies

PlasmaGuard™ has been deployed in a wide range of environments to protect public health. Below you can download case studies for some of current the applications and installations. Please contact us and we would be very happy to share appropriate case studies which correspond to your environment and needs.