Ensure you fulfil your Health and Safety obligations in your school by following the correct 
COVID 19 guidelines
Webinar 2nd December 2021
10.30 - 11.30am GMT

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A unique Challenge

“Children must rely on adults for the nurture and guidance they need to grow towards independence. Such nurture is ideally found from adults in children's families, but when primary adult caregivers cannot meet children's needs, it is up to the State as the primary duty bearer to find an alternative in the best interests of the child.” UNICEF

  • This fundamental building block in children’s rights has never been more important as covid threatens their immediate health as well as their adult wellbeing because of long covid.

  • Short-sighted policymaking that does not optimise protection at school will have a negative impact on the future of all members of society.

  • This webinar challenges the Governments position (and Public Health England standards) as inadequate and ineffective against enveloped viruses and looks at what other options should be considered to ensure, as an education professional you fulfil your statutory Health and Safety obligations. These include mask, testing and cleaning protocols as well as solutions and technologies being used elsewhere in the world.


By the end of the webinar, you will:


  • Have the latest objective expert thinking on the pathways and practices to reducing COVID transmission.

  • Have a clear overview of different transmission reduction techniques and measures plus practical steps that you can take to reduce transmission in your school.

  • Be better equipped to ask your Local Authority, suppliers and advisors the questions that really matter (and assess their answers).

In summary, you’ll be ready and confident that you will be doing everything you can to protect your school, its staff and pupils.

Medical Context

Covid is endemic, therefore we must look at the best available worldwide science rather than relying on ever-changing advice

It is clear now that, whilst we all want to return to pre-pandemic conditions, as reported in the British Medical Journal “The SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus will not be eradicated but will become endemic". Furthermore, other viruses will emerge: “this is not necessarily the big one”


The challenge is, therefore, to be able to live alongside the virus and live as freely and safely as possible.


This can only be achieved by reducing the risk of:

  • surface to human transmission

  • human to human transmission

  • aerosol transmission


Our panel of international experts contribute to and review the very latest science. They have an unrivaled knowledge of the paths to reducing Covid transmission. They will share their medical, engineering, and management expertise with you. In plain English. To answer your questions and offer practical and actionable insights.

You will hear from Professor Tara Moore: Educator and Covid expert

Tara Moore, Professor of Personalised Medicine, concurrently holds a chair at Ulster University in Northern Ireland and is Chief R & D Officer for Avellino Labs in Menlo Park San Francisco USA and advises a South Korean medical company who have been central to that countries response to the virus.

After her return home to Northern Ireland from Research fellowship training in Harvard Medical School, Tara has undertaken research sabbaticals in Mount Sinai Hospital New York, Dundee Wellcome Trust Laboratories, and The Stem Cell Institute at the University of Modena and Reggio. 

Tara is one of the few real global experts on the virus, trusted for her honest views and pragmatic approach to testing; and her opinions on what works in managing Covid.

Tara’s commitment to education is equal to that of her passion for advancing medical research. She was pivotal in the development of the first-ever university training program for the Physician Associate profession for Northern Ireland and leads Northern Ireland's first industrial Ph.D. Academy which will create 50 funded Ph.D. studentships.

Her research team concentrates on identifying genes that cause disease and developing gene editing and gene silencing treatments for autosomal dominantly inherited eye diseases. Her work is disseminated worldwide through her contribution to guest lectures and workshops.

Outside of work, Tara is a Mother 7 and probably has more experience of managing family + societal/medical risk than anyone else on the planet.

"Professor of Personalised Medicine at Ulster University, Tara Moore, has lifted the ‘Outstanding Research Supervisor of the Year’ trophy at the sixteenth annual THE Awards.

The THE Awards – widely referred to as the ‘Oscars of higher education – are the biggest celebration in the UK HE calendar, attracting hundreds of entries from individuals, teams, and institutions from all corners of the country. 2020’s ceremony was of course virtual, but still over a thousand people logged in to hear this year’s winners announced."

Other contributors to the webinar include:

Dr. Andrew Larner is an internationally recognised transformation expert in Local Government. He has spent many years helping to solve big problems in many countries around the world at pivotal moments of recent history, often having to navigate intense political divides with equanimity and good humour. He is also Chief Executive of a non-profit which has 60 Local Authorities in the UK as shareholders and has been influential in designing a wide range of solutions in care, education, and the circular economy.

Jon Green transferred his skills in change management, strategic planning, and service delivery (after an exceptionally successful military and intelligence career) to the health sector as the Chief Exec of a large NHS trust. He became responsible for the rollout of the Nightingale Hospitals during the early stages of the pandemic in the UK. His experience of supporting Ministers of State and working at a regional level within the NHS gives him a valuable perspective on the challenges we face as a country in creating a safer environment for our children.

Katarzyna Burda is currently advising a European country on indoor air quality in schools, the rail sector, and offices. Kasia was responsible for the design, oversight, and installation of the secure ventilation systems at the new Pirbright laboratory and research facilities (the purpose of Pirbright is to prevent and control viral diseases). She has been responsible for the design and installation of positive pressure ventilation systems for operating theatres and laboratories across Europe.​She qualified at the world-renowned Gdansk Institute of Technology in Poland.

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