Prepare, Protect, Prevent

Thriving in the age of Pandemics

Our mission is to create confidence in the public and business to go about their daily lives safe in the knowledge that the environment around them is protecting and preventing virus transmission.


To do this we bring together the latest mix of technologies and blend them for each specific environment.

The environments we protect

We work with a wide range of customers in the private and public sectors by helping them to design and deliver safe environments whilst also maintaining as close to normal operations.

These include:



We have been involved in some of the largest and most complex Public Sector projects in the UK, that have often involved significant cultural change programs and financial re-engineering. 


Because of this we can be most effective at the intersection of the Public and Private sectors, that in the immediate future of economic challenge will be the most important “survive and adapt” requirement.


At Primary and Secondary Schools Head Teachers, Governors and Staff face unprecedented challenges in adapting to Covid 19.

Once the “big questions” as to when and how children and students can return to the classroom have been answered, so that all stakeholders feel confident that everything that can be done has been done to keep everyone safe, the questions turn to the
new challenges


The maritime industry is playing an essential role in the short-term emergency response to COVID 19, by facilitating transport of vital commodities and products. The vast majority of ports have succeeded in staying open to cargo operations. However, most of them still remain closed to passenger traffic because they are perceived as incubators and spreaders of the virus.


Coastal and Tourist towns that rely so very heavily on service industries for their economic welfare have had a particularly painful encounter with Covid 19.

We have strategies that will help open venues to larger numbers of people in higher numbers. This is underpinned by simple, elegant, and effective technologies from around the world that are not generally known in the UK.

Offshore Territories

In 2020 the Hurricane season has got off to a slow start due to the paradoxically welcome arrival of the sandstorm suppressant impact from the Sahara.

However, the toxic elements of the Hurricane season, Covid 19 and food insecurity could cause a humanitarian crisis in the Caribbean when the storms arrive in
full force.


Reopening spectator sport safely is crucial for our global health at every level. Commercially, and culturally.

We build temperature controlled, utility enabled, secure temporary or permanent structures which are designed for the layered community of attendees at the event; players, crew, media, and fans. This requires meticulous planning and excellent communications.

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