Prepare, Protect, Prevent

Thriving in the age of Pandemics

Building a safer world

Larner Associates is a company formed to address the new challenges that every country faces now that the human race must learn to live with pandemics. 

We do this in three ways:

  • We research the problems, in a scientific, evidence based way understanding the detail of the problem
    at a very local level.

  • We identify the gold standard in international best practice, and adapting and applying those ideas at a local level to fit each individual unique business and social culture, we create future best practice.

  • We then identify the best available technologies from around the world, developing them further and testing them to their limits and making them ubiquitous by deploying  them at scale, at affordable prices, with regional partners in each jurisdiction.

Our clients are forward thinking and open-minded Governments, and global private sector companies, who wish to use the opportunity and sense of urgency that has been created by Covid 19  to create a safer infrastructure so that the next pandemic will have less dramatic impact on the global economy, and will have less tragic health and social consequences.

Our mission is to create confidence in the public and business to go about their daily lives safe in the knowledge that the environment around them is protecting and preventing virus transmission.


To do this we bring together the latest mix of technologies and blend them for each specific environment.

Closing Infection Gaps


Surface to Human Transmission

surface to human.jpg

Covid 19 persistence on surfaces which we come into contact with has now been extensively researched and the results demonstrate that long lasting surface cleaners are the only practical solution to close this infection gap. Persistence levels include: 3 days on plastics and steel, 4 days on wood and 5 days on glass.

Human to Human Transmission

human to human.jpg

Covid 19 is not only directly transmisable by direct human to human contact or by directly breathing, sneezing or coughing in close proximity to another individual. Research has also demonstrated that the Covid 19 virus is also persistent as an aerosol in the air in the buildings we occupy, work and socialise in.

How we can mitigate these risks

Long lasting surface cleaners

Our nano technology based provides long lasting surface cleansing and protection. For more information
click here

Long Lasting Hand Sanitisers
hand sanitiser.jpg

Our alcohol free, long lasting hand sanitiser provides protection for up to 2 hours. For more information click here.

Air Purification
air purification.jpg

We are distributors of technologies which kill 99.994% of airborne Pathogens, Bacteria and Viruses including Covid-19. For more information please contact us.


Where we operate

Larner Associates operate around the world working closely with Governments and the private sector to identify and deploy the latest technologies designed to improve safety and to allow economies to re-open

Ready to find out more?

We are happy to undertake a telephone consultation to help establish the steps you or your organisation need to undertake to mitigate the risks surrounding COVID-19.